Set up a Membership or Subscription - physical, digital or virtual

2 min. readlast update: 06.27.2023

A recurring revenue source is always a great Offer to set up!

You'll begin by getting your actual Offer ready. 

We'll go through these 3 examples of setting up a:

  • digital product subscipription
  • virtual product subscription
  • physical product subscription

Digital product subscription: Are you selling a course that customers have access to through their subscription? You can also use this to continously add in new digital content each month.

  • Then you'll need to set up a course. 
  • Then set up a fixed price subscription.

At the bottom of your add new product form you'll add your class to your Inventory tab. This step is really important! It allows us to add your new customer to your class when they purchase your subscription and remove them if they cancel their subscription.


You also need to add your course to your Purchase note so your order confirmation email has a link to the course.


Click submit. And you're set up!

Virtual product subscription: Are you selling a live course that customers have access to through their subscription? 

You'll set up a fixed or variable price subscription, depending upon if everyone has access to the same level of interaction/service from you. 

In your purchase note you'll add a link to the virtual meeting room that you'll be conducting your classes in. 


Click submit. And you are set up.

Physical product subscription: Are you selling a physical product that will get delivered to customers?

You'll set up either type of subscription based on what suits your Offer. If you offer different subscription package options you'll want to select variable subscription and set up your attributes and variations.


And follow the instructions here on how to create an Offer with variations.

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