How do I set up my Stripe account to get paid automatically?

1 min. readlast update: 06.27.2023

If you sign up as a Flowation Marketplace vendor you'll need to connect a free Stripe account to your Store to receive payment. 

You can easily set up your Stripe account once to automatically distribute to your bank account. Once you're logged in to Stripe click here.

Set up your bank account in the first step. And select Automatic in the second step.


Save your settings and you'll automatically receive your Flowation payments in your bank account!

If you do not see the screen above

then follow along with the Stripe wizard in your Store Settings. You can find this under Store Settings, and Payment. 

It will guide you to set up your Bank account in the process that you want payments to go to automatically.

If you are using Stripe Express 

You can click on the avatar icon in there to add your account to the Linked external accounts section. All payments made through Stripe Express occur automatically.

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