How can I attract more customers?

5 min. readlast update: 06.05.2023

It is important to note that while we can help you drive additional traffic to your product, etc. there are many other variables that go into you actually securing a customer - all of which are in your own control.

We discuss the following topics below:

  • Filling in your Add New Product Form
  • Becoming a Verified Seller
  • Asking for Reviews
  • Tending to your Vibration

Filling in your Add New Product Form

  • How you have tagged your product, etc. will impact how often it shows up in the search. If you're using terms that mean something to you, but not to someone who has the kind of problem that you solve it is unlikely you'll show up when they are searching.
  • When you add a new product, you have an option to set the image that will show up in the search. This is in the upper right hand corner of the add new product form. It's important to pick a clear picture that either evokes an emotion, or quickly communicates a hook point.
  • Have you used the hook point section in the add new product form? This is the first text someone will read next to your product image when they are searching for you. If it doesn't catch their attention they probably won't click through to your landing page.
  • Have you provided any additional marketing materials for your landing page? You can enter these near the bottom half of the add new product form. 

People have different learning styles and ways in which they best process information. When they come to your landing page for the first time they need to learn about you, what you offer, how you anticipate this will help them solve the problem they are experiencing, and pay attention to their own intuition about working with you. 

So your job is to offer them as many different ways of saying the same thing, so they can hopefully find the way that clicks best for them on your landing page. 

For example, if you provide a video with captions - you've accomodated people who are auditory, visual or prefer reading. If you only provide a paragraph about your product - you've only accomodated people who prefer reading, and decreased your chances (staistically speaking) that the person viewing your landing page will get all the information they need to make a decision about working with you.

  • Make it easy to skim your descriptions. Using bold or italic text and spacing helps train the readers eye on details that you think are the most important to their decision making process. 

Become a Verified Seller

One of the many benefits of selling on the Marketplace is the opportunity to become a verified Seller.

When buying products, services, etc. online many people are skeptical about the quality they will receive. Especially if they haven't heard any word of mouth recommendations about something.

Seeing your Verified seller badge ensures them that Flowation has verfied that you, and your business actually exists, and you have good intentions with your business. It lends credibility to your business. Learn more about how to become a Verified Seller here.

Ask for Reviews

Another great benefit of selling on the Marketplace is the chance to have people leave you reviews that are available to the public.

Reviews help serve the purpose of a word of mouth recommendation. They help people form an opinion that it is safe to buy from you, and that your product, service etc. is the right fit for them.

Asking past customers to leave you a review or provide a testimonial is a great place to start! And we have a post in our Soulpreneur Business Group to help sellers exchange reviews on their products - that is another great place to rack up reviews that will help potential customers feel safer buying from you online.

Tend to your Vibration

This is perhaps the most important of all the things you can do to make sure that potential customers want to work with you! We've seen sellers with near perfect landing pages and all the "right" pieces in place show up in the search, quickly and easily attract people to click through to their landing page, only to energetically block the potential customers that should be showing up. Or attract in customers who they don't enjoy working with.

Before you add in any new product, etc. we recommend you sit quietly with yourself. 

Do you have any money blocks?

  • Resistance to receive?
  • Limiting beliefs around your product pricing? Or the volume you have to sell?
  • Do you have any subconscious fears presenting themselves?
  • Is there a story you are telling yourself about your work that doesn't serve you?
  • Do you have clarity on the type of customers you are calling in? 
  • Does your offer excite you - does it feel in alignment with your calling?

If you need help working through any of these issues it's a great idea to check in the Soulpreneur Business Group to see how others have worked through these, or check in with one of our Coaches in the group for suggestions.

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