First Time Set-up for Shop Owners

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How can I attract more customers?Creating a Persuasive video- convince your leads to buy through videoA step-by-step Guide on how to login to Airmeet for the first timeGoogle Calendar SyncSet up the look of your StorefrontProduct Order Forms - Use them to protect your energy or streamline your custom ordersMarketing Materials for your Landing PagesYour Store Location, Hours and Customer Support InfoYour Store Policies - express your boundaries upfront.What should you call your product to get people to click?A step-by-step guide to set up your Flowation GroupImage GalleryVideo GalleryProduct Bullet PointsSet up and connect your new or existing Stripe account in your Store Manager in your Payment settingsTestimonials"Who Are You?" Marketing MaterialsBecome a Verified Seller to gain credibility and help customers trust youCertificates and Awards Marketing MaterialsAs Seen In Marketing MaterialsEndorsement Marketing MaterialsHow do I help someone know if they want to buy from me - your About You DescriptionProduct DescriptionsHook Points - Get people to stop scrolling and pay attention to what you are selling.Downloadable Products - sell your audio, video or written fileHow do I submit something to the Flow Lab? What kind of content can I submit?Universal Calendar & Product Calendar for your Scheduler - start taking appointmentsOffers with VariationsInserting a YouTube video into your descriptionUpload a video to YouTubeAdd captions to your videos to make them accessibleFlow Lab content ideasCreate a coupon for your storeHow do I see reviews people have left on my Offers?Make sure your customers are added/removed to your courseHow do I add shipping information so my customers can Track their order?Where do I answer questions left on my products?Disconnect your existing Google Calendar so you can sync a different Google CalendarWhere do I see my store analytics?Change my Avatar picture in my Store settingsWhere are my Store notifications?Set up a New Offer Landing pageSet up Shipping options for your physical productsHandling returns and refunds (Flowation refunds policy)How to approve a refund request from your customer