Creating a Persuasive video- convince your leads to buy through video

2 min. readlast update: 06.05.2023

Did you know that 84% of customers say they bought a product or service because of a video they saw?

Video is a great medium for communicating the concepts or facts that will help convince a potential customer to buy. A video can help your potential customer visualize what you are selling and themselves using or benefiting from it much easier than just words or even pictures alone.

Remember a video does not need movie level cinematography to be persuasive. You just need to relay your personality and make sure you've covered the most important points that your potential customer is wondering about.


We recommend considering the following when you create your video:

  • Start with your hook point. Make sure you begin it within the first 2.7 seconds of the video and complete it by the 10 second point. Most potential customers decide in the first 10 seconds if they will watch your video.
  • Help your customer identify themselves and the problem they are seeking help with. Use 3-5 keywords to describe them in a voiceover as you show someone who is representative of a potential customer.
  • Help show what you believe the potential customer is currently feeling. Try using keywords and short descriptions. 




  • Next describe and try to show the potential customer what they would like to be feeling instead. Describe your product, service, etc. to help them understand that it can help them feel the way they want to be feeling.
  • Next get into the how, you would achieve that result for them. Help your potential customer get a complete visual of what you're selling. Maybe that's a back-end tour of your course or group. Maybe it's a 360 view of the physical product you are selling. Help them see what they will be interacting with after their purchase.

  • Make sure you only use one 'mood' throughout the video - calm, upbeat, etc. switching the feel/mood of the video multiple times can leave potential customers confused.
  • Try to keep your video at or shorter than 3 minutes. As drawn in as people are by video, attention spans are still short and you need to communicate the facts and benefits about your product or service within this time range.
  • Include captions. You can read this article to learn how.


By keeping these tips in mind you should be well on your way to creating a video that helps sell your product, service, etc. 

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